5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

The expenses of weddings add up and the last thing that you need to check off is a wedding videographer. Rushing Productions get its. Traditionally videographers have been seen as a luxury and not a necessity, but with the prevalence of social media we have seen that more couples are seeing the importance of hiring a wedding production company to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Let us go over 5 reasons to hire a wedding videographer!

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1- You Get to Relive Your Memories Over and Over

A quality wedding video will transport you back in time for the chance to relive the feelings and emotions that were shared on your wedding day.

2- The Ability to Share Your Wedding with Family Unable to Attend

Not everyone you love will be able to make your wedding day. While they were not able to make it, they do not love you any less and having a wedding video gives you the chance to share the special moments of your wedding day so they can feel apart of the love.

3- Your Vows and Speeches Cannot be Photographed

Rushing Productions places priority on having professionally captured audio integrated with your film. A photograph and capture the moment, but a video can capture the emotions in the words spoken to one another.

4- See Details Up Close that You Might Have Missed

Before you know it you will wake up and be husband and wife, and wonder “did we really have a wedding?!”. Having a wedding video gives you a chance to admire all those details up close that you worked so hard to prepare, the couple get the ability to see the bridal preparations that they were not privy to the day of, and you get to see Aunt Susan break a move on the dance floor while you were doing bridal portraits.

5- Pass on a Modern Heirloom

Did your mom make you sit down and watch her hour long, documentary style wedding video that dragged on and on? Don’t worry! Rushing Productions offers highlight films that capture and share the best parts of the day! From the getting ready to the newlywed exit, we will be there! Pass on a video to your children that will show them just how fun and in love you were, without all the tiresome interviews and a play by play of the entire day.

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