Five Tips to Consider for Drone Wedding Videography

You have scoured the internet, looked at hundreds of wedding videos, and now you have to decide is drone videography worth the investment? Simple answer, yes. Before you dive right in and pick the first videographer to offer drone services, here are a few tips to take into consideration:

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Five Tips to Consider for Drone Wedding Videography 

  1. Make sure to consider your venue.
    If your ceremony or reception will be outside then consider drone videography. Make sure you have permission from your venue before filming. Your drone pilot will also have to get clearance from the FAA if you are within a designated airspace.

  2. Have a vision.
    There are so many different moments of your day that drones can capture in a way that traditional videography cannot. Consider filming your guests arriving, or your newlywed exit! It is standard for there to be landscape and venue shots, but think outside of the box and have a vision!

  3. Drones are weather-dependent.
    Drones actually prefer cool fronts! However, rain and winds more than 25 mph may make it difficult to operate the drone. Don’t let the weather worry you, your drone pilot will let you know if the weather is unsuitable for flight.

  4. Hire a Safe and Legal Drone Operator
    You must make sure that your drone operator is a safe and legal operator. By law, any drone operator who is flying for commercial gain must have permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). There are many illegal drone operators who use them without FAA permission or insurance, which is a criminal offense.
    The Airmen Inquiry, is a searchable drone hire directory which only lists professional drone operators with FAA permission – so you can rest assured that you are strictly looking for legal drone operators.

  5. What is your wedding timeline?
    Drones can create EIPC shots! Make sure to plan time during your photo session for the drone pilot to have time to get those sweeping shots. A little coordination is needed between the pilot and photographer, but if you let the photographer know how important it is for you to get those drone shots then working it into the timeline will be seamless. You don’t want to be left feeling rushed through your photo session.

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