9 Important Wedding Videography Questions Answered By Rushing Productions


Have you ever wondered what are the important wedding videography questions that you need to ask? Here are 10 important items to take into consideration on your wedding videographer search!

1- Do I get to pick the song in the video?
Many popular songs are licensed and to pay for their use can cost thousands. However, if there is a song you love and it is not available then we will work to match the emotion and tempo as best as possible.

2- How do you describe your style?
Artistically realistic. We see that some photographers & videographers like their photos & videos VERY white. We like to have realistic contrast, with lights & shadows. We color grade your video to last timelessly, not what is currently “trendy”.

3- What sets you apart from other professionals in the area?
There's so many talented professionals in the area, that sometimes it's hard to choose. What we think separates us from others though is that we are FAA drone certified, we color grade every video before publishing, we use lighting during the reception so you and your speech givers look their best, we capture your audio with multiple backups, and finally our fun and quirky personalities.

4- Do we get to give input on the final video?
Yes! We will send you a video proof before releasing. This will be your chance to give any critiques that you may have come up with. We want you to love your wedding film for decades to come, because it is YOUR wedding video.

5- How do you record audio?
We capture audio directly from the DJ’s audio, plus we will have a back up recorder on at least the officiant & groom (if there is a groom), & if you are ok with it, the bride as well. All discrete and unseen by anyone (including each other).


6- Who will actually be there filming my wedding?
A lot of companies outsource their sales department. At Rushing Productions you will be talking to Gretchen and Jordan Rushing and we will be the ones there on your wedding day!

7- Why do you use lights during the reception?
Our eyes need to light to see the world around us. Cameras are not different, they need light otherwise the video gets ugly and grainy. Ask any good photographer, separation from the background is paramount and video is exactly the same. While you're searching around for a videographer, make sure they use lighting during at least the speeches, if not also the first dances.

8- How do we get the final video?

The final video will be sent to you via a downloadable Google Drive link. We will also release a 4k version on our YouTube channel as well as on Facebook & Instagram pages for you to share.

9- How long will it take to edit my video?
We strive to get our films created in 4-6 weeks, however every video is different and some may take longer. In this case you will be notified of any delays.


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